About Akoma

Akoma is an Adrinkra word and symbol that means to have heart and patience. Adinkra is a traditional language of Ghanaian origin. These symbols—based on nonfigurative shapes, plant life, human-made objects, the human body, and animals—also derive meaning from proverbs (Zeleza, 2009).

Dominique choose to name her organization Akoma, because heart and patience led her to initiate this work. Learn more about her journey to creating Akoma here.

Akoma strives to generate educational, creative, and healing spaces that center racially marginalized people. All programs and events produced out of Akoma, are in recognition of its guiding principles. These 3 principles of engagement inspire how Akoma participates in creating healing communities.

Akoma’s program and services aspire to be:

  • Accessible: Akoma offers programs at low cost and in spaces within close access to the centralized community.
  • Educational: Akoma teaches grounding and self- exploratory practices through experience and exposure.
  • Healing centered: Akoma encourages a communal integrity of hospitality and sensitivity to all individuals participating in Akoma events.

Akoma’s staple programs provide brave spaces for black people, indigenous people, and people of color (BIPOC) to grow in their yoga and art practice.

If you are not a BIPOC and would like to book Akoma to host a paint party or yoga class with your organization, send an email to akomacommunity@gmail.com.

The Community is the collection of programs that enact Akoma’s mission and vision. It includes: