pronounced, Brushin’ Up own History, because I’m from the south,

is a creative and fun painting event. Participants are instructed, step-by-step, in the production of culturally diverse and historically celebrated paintings.


All painting supplies are provided. No painting experience is required. Painting sessions are led so that participants of all levels will leave with a brilliant piece of art. Participants will learn the principals and elements of art and design; and recreate paintings selected for their poignant and rich imaginings of the world. Brushing Up on History is facilitated by Dominique Hollis.

You will love this experience and surprise yourself with your hidden talents!

Brushing Up on History will occur one every month. Max capacity is 30, so there is plenty of space  to bring your friends! Dates to be determined, like Akoma’s Facebook page to stay abreast.

If you would like Dominique to host your next painting event, feel free to reach them through the contact tab. Place Brushing Up on History in the subject line. You can also email them directly at, include subject.

Brushing Up on History Painting Gallery