Akoma Start-up Fund

One of Akoma’s guiding principles is accessible. Offering programs at a low-cost helps to increase accessibility. Dominique achieves this by hosting her yoga class and art parties in community spaces and shopping competitively for supplies. Help Dominique, by donating to her start-up fund.

Donations will cover listed in order of need:

  • Yoga teacher registration. Obtained! Thanks for your donations!
  • Yoga teaching insurance. Obtained! Thanks for your donations!
  • Yoga props (20 blocks 199, 20 straps 224, and 10 yoga blankets 119.) $542.5 needed by October 8.

Ways to support:

  • Patron Akoma’s yoga classes and paint parties.
  • Book private yoga sessions, available at a discounted rate until crowdsourcing ends.
  • Donate towards an award and commission art work. 20 pieces are being offered as gogetfunding awards at a discounted rate of $150-$200. You can still commission artwork after the offer is gone. Contact Dominique for commissions here.

Available art awards: